Equitrac Startet Mit Fehler " Http 403 Access Denied"

Equitrac Startet Mit Fehler " Http 403 Access Denied"


Equitrac Software started with error " http 403 access denied"


we recommended to make a backup for Equitrac DB before you make this steps.

On Windows 2008-2012 Server, Vista or Windows 7, logging in with an administrator account other than the one running Equitrac services, may result in 403 HTTP errors or empty report lists. This is because Windows treats the Administrators group as a special case. To avoid these issues, add the log on account to a new group (e.g., EqAdmin) and select this group instead of the Administrators group under Admin, Reports, Accounts, and so on in System Manager. Otherwise, it may be necessary that management applications (System Manager, Reports Manager, and so on) be “Run As Administrator”.

NOTE: Access to Dashboard Reports and Print Queue Viewer requires that the user be a member of the Windows level groups.

For information on establishing Windows-level Administrator groups, refer to your Windows documentation.

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