How do I fix or re-seal a foam kayak bulkhead?

How do I fix or re-seal a foam kayak bulkhead?

The following video will show you how to inspect, prepare, fix and re-seal your kayaks foam bulkhead to provide both strength and waterproofness.  
  1. Inspect bulkhead and identify areas that need to be sealed
  2. Tools and materials needed:
    1. Putty knife 
    2. Sharp utility knife
    3. Latex gloves
    4. Flashlight or headlamp
    5. Waterproof sealan like Sikaflex caulking (plus caulking gun) 
    6. Acetone
    7. Cloths or paper towel for clean up
    8. Vacuum
  3. Using sharp knife cut away old sealant/caulking to make room for new application
  4. Vacuum up loose bits of old sealant/caulking, then wipe clean with a bit of acetone on a cloth or paper towel
  5. Carefully apply caulking or sealant
  6. With glove on, smooth sealant with a finger tip,  Then using a a cloth, clean up any excess material
  7. Let dry for a full day or more depending on temperature and humidity (and following the application directions on sealant or caulking tube) 

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