How to Mint an NFT on the Loopring L2 Web DEX (Advanced)

How to Mint an NFT on the Loopring L2 Web DEX (Advanced)

How to Mint an NFT on the Loopring L2 Web DEX

Layer 2 NFT Minting Instructions


1. Create a folder on your PC for NFTs and give it a name.

2. Within the folder, insert the file you want to mint. Example: Logo.jpg

3. Create an account on Pinata or download IPFS Desktop.

4. Upload the file you want to mint to Pinata or IPFS Desktop, do not upload the entire folder.


Before you begin your IPFS upload, please be aware there are 2 types of CID: CIDv0 (begins with Qm) and CIDv1 (begins with b).
Loopring supports CIDv0 which begins with Qm as you will see in the examples.

Using Pinata

Using IPFS Desktop



5. Take note of the CID above as you will need it later.

6. Create a .json file using a text editor such as Notepad. Example: metadata.json

7. Within this metadata.json file copy the following – it is case sensitive:


"description": "Description of your NFT goes here",

"image": "ipfs://CID of the file goes here",

"name": "Name of the NFT"

"royalty_percentage": integer between 0 and 10




"description": "Logo",

"image": "ipfs://QmcegKF6r3VqSc4jmSmJ6WeM3kVy9NAjY9D1e33xk56C77",

"name": "I Love Loopring"

"royalty_percentage": 10


JSON Legend

description: A text string containing a description of your NFT.

image: A text string containing an image to display for your NFT.

name: A text string containing the name or title of your NFT.

royalty_percentage: An integer from 0 - 10 describing the amount of royalty to be collected by the creator each time the NFT is sold. For example, if a creator mints an NFT with a royalty percentage of 10, the creator will receive 10% of the proceeds of every sale. Royalties are distributed to creators at the end of each month. If an NFT is minted with a royalty percentage of 0, no royalties will be collected.

8. Save the .json file you just created.

9. Upload the .json file you created to Pinata or IPFS Desktop.


Using Pinata

Using IPFS Desktop


10. Take note of the data .json CID.

11. Log into with your wallet

  1. Navigate to the L2 NFT tab.

  2. Click the Advance Create section.

  3. Paste in the CID that you obtained from uploading the .json file in step 10. If successful, the data from the .json file you created populates the Name and also displays the image.

  4. Enter the number of NFTs you want to mint.

  5. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet. Click the Mint My NFT button

12. Sign / Approve the mint transaction with your wallet.


Congratulations! You have successfully minted your NFT on Loopring’s L2 Web DEX.

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