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    • Not Getting RTK Fix Inside

      I'm unable to get RTK fix inside. 
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      This forum is intended to act as a space for customers to post their questions, engage with fellow users of the drone cleaning system, and share general best practices. 
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      The Community hub inside Zoho Desk lets you build a powerful community around your business, while still serving customers via other channels. Your customers can post 4 types of content within your community. These are Ideas, Questions, Problems and Discussions.
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    • Weak stream from drone sprayer and cleaning out the solenoid valve

      The solenoid valve was clogged up by bleach residue and other small obstructions. Customer is able to remove solenoid and clean out filter screen. Process can be prevented for a while by use of filter on hose outlet but more than likely the cleaning ...
    • Softwash Rig Ball Valve Damage

      Over time when using the softwashing rig one piece of equipment that may become damaged faster than others will be the ball-valve on the outlet hose. This will occur when pulling out and reeling in the hose if the ball valve is allowed to drag along ...
    • How to apply for LAANC Authorization

      OpenSky Download OpenSky Drone Flyer App. The app is available on both the Apple and Android App stores Open the app and search for the address or location in which you intend to fly the drone. Authorization Required If the icon in the center of the ...
    • When to be concerned about battery dents

      When using and transporting our Lithium batteries it is possible they may become damaged if dropped or roughly handled in transit. When batteries are damaged or dented in a way that compresses their aluminum casing it is possible that this casing ...
    • Replacing GPS antenna mounts

      If the GPS antenna mounts become damaged either in shipping or in some other capacity and need to be replaced, we can send customers these videos and the following tools in order to make the repairs themselves  Walkthrough videos ...