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Minnesota Special Needs Donations

Lucky Fragrance is proud to be a supporter of the Special needs societies in our state; owned and operated by a father and his special needs daughter, their goal is to give back to our communities and help create memories that last a lifetime.

A special thanks goes out to our gracious sponsors; thank you for your continued support in our initiative to help those in need. Without the support of our sponsors we wouldn’t have been able to help as many as we have, you are truly a blessing to this world!!! For when we care and support others less fortunate then our selves, that is a world truly worth living in.

Family #1 (Delivered)

To help keep the privacy we have removed names and the Facebook group.

Family #2 (Delivered)

We where able to hand deliver this swing set what a wonderful family.

"Travis I can't even begin to express to you how happy my children are playing on this amazing gift!! In fact, when I tell them time to come in they start swinging higher thinking I can't catch them to get them off!!

Family #3 (Delivered)

Chroma-Notes Deskbells Extension Set

Family 4 (Shipped)

This amazing kid suffers from Goldenhar Syndrome, VACTERL Association, hydrocephalus with a chiari malformation he LOVES Ellen and defiantly knows when she is on.

Family 5 (processing)

COPD, Severe restrictive airway disease, Severe Asthma, allergies. The family was looking at a lung transplant, thankfully she is responding well to the new meds. We agreed for a nice jacket that will help her not breathe the cold Minnesota air which would hurt her lungs. Also a HP laptop due to many nights in the hospital and she doesn't want to miss out on homework.

Family 6 (processing)

The lightweight, Portable seat that promotes inclusion and participation in everyday life.The child is dealing with a rare chromosome deletion. It’s called C6q27. It has caused her to have hydrocephalus, Septo optic dysplasia, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, malformations in her brain, and developmental delays.

Family 7 (Pending)

3 kids in family all with ASD asking for weighted blanket 

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