How to replace the computer

How to replace the computer

If it breaks, you will need to use a ladder, lifting platform, or scaffolding to reach the sound and light module in which the computer is located. Once at the module, lift the top cover and locate the computer. To identify the computer, find the device into which the audio and USB cables insert.

      Once located, take a picture to remind you how it was installed, and then disconnect all cables attached to it.

      Then remove the screws of the bracket supporting the computer. You will need a 2 mm screwdriver for the M3 screws.

      Once you have removed the bracket, remove the screws under the bracket to separate the computer from the bracket.

      Once done, place the new computer into the bracket and fasten it with the screws.

      Then return the bracket into its place and tighten the screws.

      Connect all cables as they were before.

      Return the defective computer to Lü for repair.

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