Keyboard or remote control does not work

Keyboard or remote control does not work

First check that the remote control is charged. Then make sure the remote is ON and a blue light is on.

If you see a flashing red light, it means that the keyboard's battery is nearly dead and requires charging. This light should go out when the keyboard is fully charged. If the keyboard does not charge, try using another USB cable of the same type.

If you see a flashing orange light, it means that it is no longer paired with its USB device. To pair it, please follow the following steps:

1. First, turn off the keyboard.

2. Hold down the F1 key without releasing it.

3. Turn on the keyboard, then release the F1 key immediately.

4. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer's USB port. 

5. Wait a moment. The keyboard will connect automatically.

When the yellow light stops flashing and the blue light becomes solid, it means the keyboard is now functional. 

What the three LEDs on the remote control mean.

Projector remote control:

Check the condition of the batteries and change them if necessary.

The cabinet protecting the projector can sometimes block the signal sent by the remote control. For best reception, stand near the projection wall and aim at the front of the projector.

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