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            How to access a remote computer using AnyDesk

            1. Start AnyDesk from the Windows Start Menu

                  Click the Start Menu and type, "anydesk"
                  Select AnyDesk to begin the application
                  NOTE: The remote computer must be powered on and have AnyDesk running.

            2. How to Access a Remote Desktop

            The Remote User provides his/her ID or Alias following his Desk. The Example shows alias@ad.

            Your Desk

            Enter the ID/Alias to the Remote Desk input label on your device and connect.

            Remote Desk

            The Accept Window now prompts to the Remote User. By accepting the request, the session is established.

            Remote Prompt

            Instructions provided by AnyDesk Software GmbH
            Updated: 25 Jan 2019 05:52 AM
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