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            Can I run MeasureSquare 8 on my Mac Computer?

            Measure Square 8 is a Windows based software, however you can install Windows on a Mac using BootCamp and then install MeasureSquare 8 on the Windows portion.

            Click Here for Apples Guide to installing Windows on a Mac

            Suggested Requirements for the Mac: Intel i7, 16 gigs RAM, 256 SSD

            You will also need a valid Windows license and the Windows install file from Microsoft

            -Once Windows is running, download and install MeasureSquare 8.

            --Please note that MeasureSquare 8 does have any specific settings for being ran on Windows with BootCamp. Any specific questions for installing and running windows with bootcamp should be directed towards Apple and/or Microsoft support channel.

            Updated: 11 Sep 2019 05:32 AM
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