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            What to Do When Dividers Disappear or Change Location When Adding More in MeasureSquare 8

            This article will explain what to do when "too many" dividers are used and how to stabilize the areas to continue adding more. 

            This is for all versions of MeasureSquare 8. 

            Step 1: Right click on divided area > Go to 'Room Edit' 

            Step 2: Select 'Split Room by Region' 

            This is technically turning these areas into rooms without walls. 

            There is no set number that causes this, it is per project and combination of complex geometry and room sizes, please do this periodically if you have a project that has lots of dividers. An example would be if you are going to be adding about 30+ dividers, split by region every 5 or so. This can prevent you from experiencing any errors. 

            Updated: 12 Aug 2019 07:24 AM
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