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            Getting Started with Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance with MeasureSquare 8

            This article will walk you through and provide you the necessary information and tutorials to get set up with MeasureSquare 8 for Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance.

            Trial: Click here to register for a trial before you buy!

            Purchase: Click Here to purchase your Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance license

            Please Note: If you are purchasing a license/subscription before registering for a trial, this step will require you to create a MeasureSquare ID using your email, this will be your login for the software just as if you started a trial first.

            Installation: If you need to install the software separately from the trial, login into with your MeasureSquare ID and click download at the top right. Install the software after download is complete and sign in!

            Getting Started

            Step 1: How to import PDF or image files into MeasureSquare 8 and start the takeoff

            Step 2: How draw rooms or areas in MeasureSquare 8

            Step: 3: To gain access to the Commercial Clean & Maintenance Database/Products: Please email requesting the database

            Step 4: How to add Items from the Database to your Project Items

            Step 5: How to Create Surface Type Products and Apply to Rooms Article            How to Drag & Drop "Products" to rooms (Video)

            Step 6: How to use the duplication function to set the frequency of cleaning needed for an area/room per year.

            Step 7: How to. create a bid/proposal using MeasureSquare 8.

            Step 8: How to print your Diagram.        How to share your diagram in 3D!

            Video walk through of a Job!

            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 04:34 AM
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