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            How do I adjust pattern first cut options in MeasureSquare 8?

            In this article, we will explain the different options for pattern first cut.

            Version: Build 7000 or newer

            Step 1: To adjust the pattern first cut setting > click on the gear icon > click on the drop down to select the setting that works best for your project

            The asterisk symbol next to the cut indicates that cut is a first cut

            Single: There can only one first cut in a room/area

            To clear the first cut > Right click on the cut that you want clear > Layout & Seam > Clear First Cut

            To set a first on a different piece > Right click on the cut that you want to set as a first cut > Layout & Seam > Set as First cut

            Now you can see A cut is no longer the first cut, C cut is the first cut now

            Step 2: Alternating: The first cut will be applied to every other cut
            Doesn't work with B-Seam or T-seam

            Step 3: None: No first cut allowed 

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