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            How do I create and share a database with another user in MeasureSquare 8 using MeasureSquare Cloud?

            In this article we will show you how to create a new database, and share that database (or an existing) database with other users through the MeasureSquare Cloud.

            Step 1: Open Product Catalog window

            Step 2: Create new database

            Step 3: Name database and click OK

            Step 4: You will now see the database in the list , Click Sync to send to the cloud.

            Note: A new database will be empty of products

            New database 1

            STOP: Now, contact Measure Square Support in order for us to set up a "Group" on the Cloud to enable sharing

            Note: The following steps can also be done on an existing database, not just one you just created

            Step 5: Once the group is created you can now go to and assign the database to fellow users

            Step 6: Click the "assign" icon on the database you wish to share

            Cloud 1

            Step 7: Change Edit option to "No" It is recommended that only the owner/creator should edit/update the database to avoid cloud conflicts when a database is edited by more than one user and synced

            Step 8: Find users by typing in their MeasureSquare ID, results will start populating as you type


            IMPORTANT: Click on user email after it pops up

            Cloud 3

            Step 9: Click Save once all users are in the list below


            Note: You can always go back and add more users to receive the database

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 02:42 AM
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