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            How do I delete the Internal Walls created with the Draw Wall tool in MeausureSquare 8?

            In this article, we will show you how to delete any internal walls created using the draw wall tool on MeasureSquare 8 for Windows Desktop. 

            This article applies to MeasureSquare 8 versions

            To delete any internal wall that was made using the Draw Wall tool you can use the Delete Hole tool. 

            Step 1: To access this tool, Right-click in the room. Select the Room Edit menu > Delete Hole

            Step 2: Hover over your internal wall, it will highlight blue and left click to delete. Right click to exit the tool. 

            Note: The Draw Wall tool is used to draw internal walls and can be accessed from the 

            Takeoff tab> Shape section> RmEdit drop-down menu> Draw Wall. 

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