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            How do I manage my Project Providers and Project Subscribers on the MeasureSquare Cloud?

            This article will show you how to manage your settings on The Cloud which includes your Account Information, Password, and  Project Subscribers / Providers.

            This is for all versions of MeasureSquare 8 Desktop and iOS.

            If you want to subscribe projects you can do this from your account on Measure Square Cloud. Once logged in select the Settings tab on the left side of the screen.

            Settings you can view your storage space, view and edit your account information. It will also show you, your Project Providers and Project Subscribers if you are in a group.

            Project Providers are those who will provide you with the projects they create.  

            Project Subscribers are those who will receive the projects you create.

            At the Project Providers/ Subscribers Management window you will have the option to add a Measure Square ID to the Project Provider/ Subscriber list.

            Choose if you want to share all projects on the account or just new projects moving forward.
            Choose  the option to allow/ deny edit on the projects.

            The provider of the projects must sync (upload) their projects on to the cloud. (Note: Projects will only sync *upload/download if they are on the cloud.)  These projects will appear on the receiving device once the receiver has synced (download) their account to the cloud.

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            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 08:13 AM
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