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            How do I set up System Setting in MeasureSquare 8?

            In this article, we will show you how to set up System Setting for current project in MeasureSquare 8.

            This article applies to MeasureSquare 8 versions

            System Setting is designed to help you configure general settings and options. It is suggested to explore this right after you open the program.

            Step 1: Click File menu-> System Setting to open the System Setting window.

            Step 2: Choose Measurement tab and select desired measurement system and unit name from pull-down list.


            Step 3: Choose Takeoff tab to set default value for drawing.


            Step 4: Choose Roll Estimation tab to specify desired rules for carpet estimation.


            Step 5: Choose Tile Estimation tab to specify desired rules for tile estimation.


            Step 6: Choose Drawing Style tab to modify default colors, thickness of lines, etc.


            Step 7: Choose Hotkey tab to specify desired keyboard shortcuts.


            Step 8: Choose Advanced tab to specify some settings about project, estimation, currency and sync setting.


            Updated: 20 May 2019 02:18 AM
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