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            How do I share my MeasureSquare Project as a 3D Viewer from the MeasureSquare Cloud?

            Step 1: Upload your MeasureSquare Project to the Cloud

            Click Here -> MeasureSquare Cloud

            Step 2: Select the Projects Tab on the left, then Upload your file(s) by clicking the green cloud upload icon at the top right.

            Note: If you are on the iPad or Android tablet, simply hit Sync from the home screen to push your projects to the cloud.

            upload to cloud

            Step 3: Click the "Share 3D View" link next to the appropriate project

            share link

            This copies the link to your "clipboard", which means you can paste it to any text field such as email, text, chat and so forth.

            OR: Click on the "3D View" link to open it yourself as seen below.

            open link

            (do not judge the seam placement, it's a sample project!)

            cloud project view

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 08:14 AM
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