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            How do I update my MeasureSquare 8 software for Windows?

            In this article, we will show you how to update your MeasureSquare 8 software for Windows. 

            This article applies to MeasureSquare 8 versions

            Start by clicking on the  Question Mark at the top of your screen, click on About MeasureSquare..  At the M2 popup window click on Update.

            After clicking Update you will need to click Yes to run the setup now. 

            Click on I Agree to agree to the Software License and Privacy Agreement

            Click on Install to being Installing MeaureSquare 8 Setup.

            Click Finish to close the Setup window. MeasureSquare 8 is now installed on your computer

            Here is a quick video showing you how to update your MeasureSquare 8. 

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