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            How to cap the percentage of carpet pad in MeasureSquare Mobile for iPad

            Version: Build 2.4.11 and newer

            This article will show you how to set a certain percentage (ceiling) for carpet pad on the project level and set your system default so it can not go over that amount.

            This feature is intended for Lowes installers

            Setting pad percentage cap for a project

            Step 1: To set the percentage cap of a specific project, tap the settings icon and then toggle on "Cap Roll Addon Waste" and put in desired cap percentage.

            Step 3: Now if the waste was going to exceed 20% (for our example), it will stop at 20% no matter the usage of the carpet.

            Note: The Product addon method must be "product usage" for this rule to apply.

            Setting the system default pad percentage cap.

            Step 1: Click on the settings icon - then System Settings - then Estimation

            Step 2: Toggle on "Cap Roll Addon Waste" and enter desired default cap percentage.

            Please note this is not retroactive and will only apply to new projects going forward

            Updated: 19 Jul 2019 03:49 AM
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