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            How to Fix iPad Crashing

            This article is to go over how to solve continuous crashing for our MeasureSquare Application. 

            This is for the MeasureSquare version for iPad/iOS. 
            The crashing is a result of having too many projects on your iPad. The way to solve this issue is by archiving unneeded projects via the Cloud. A form of crashing can be seeing a blank screen when trying to open the app, or not being able to open the app at all. 

            Step 1: Go to and sign in with your credentials. 

            Step 2: Go to "Projects" on the left-hand panel. 

            Step 3: Check mark the project you wish to Archive, and then click on "Archive" at the top. Click OK. 

            Step 4: To see your archived projects, check mark the "All Archived" checkbox at the top. 


            Step 1: Complete the previous Step 4. 

            Step 2: Click on the "True" label for the project you wish to restore in the "Archived" column. Click OK. 

            If the project says 'True' it is archived. If the project says 'False' it is not archived. 

            Updated: 02 Aug 2019 08:18 AM
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