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            How to integrate MeasureSquare 8 with C/F Data Systems STRUCTURE Construction Software.

            This is for MeasureSquare 8 Windows Edition. It shows you steps to export estimation data from MeasureSquare to STRUCTURE Construction Software.

            Important notes: You need to contact STRUCTURE support to configure your account settings before integrate with MeasureSquare. 

            Step 1: Start a new project in MeasureSquare 8 -> Takeoff tab->Project Items->Click on the plus icon to create an new item->Add the Template Code to the product name with a number and a dash. Then match the Template Code with the Trade field. Save.

            For example, if the Carpet Solid A has Template Code called "CPT" in STRUCTURE. The product SKU in MeasureSquare should be CPT1- Carpet Solid A. The Trade in MeasureSquare should be "CPT" as well.

            structure product setting

            Step 2: Repeat Step1 till you finish creating all products.

            Step 3: Import blueprints and take off the plans as usual. Estimate all products quantities.

            Step 4: Worksheet Tab->Click New Worksheet icon on the ribbon->Click OK on the pop-up window.->Click Export to Excel Icon on the ribbon->Save the Excel template locally on your computer.

            worksheet 2

            The exported results are shown below. The Column A, B,C and F will be exported to STRUCTURE.

            worksheet to structure

            Step 5: Open STRUCTURE->Create a new bid->Enter project name and details ->Click Import Item button->Select the file created in Step 4->Done.

            Structure import

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 07:32 AM
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