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            Windows Companion for M2 Mobile App (iOS/Android)

            In this article, we will introduce you a solution that combines desktop manipulation capability and iPad onsite measure mobility.

            System Requirement: Windows 7/8 desktop/laptops.

            Internet: Required to sync from/to MeasureSquare (M2) Cloud.

            Limitation: Only editing, saving, and printing diagrams created from mobile device (cannot create new project on Windows companion edition).


            • Measure onsite with M2 iPad edition, sync projects to M2 Cloud.
            • On M2 Windows companion edition, sync projects from M2 Cloud.
            • Edit projects on M2 Windows companion, print or email finished estimates, sync projects to M2 Cloud.
            • M2 Mobile user obtains updated projects when syncing with M2 Cloud.

            Updated: 30 Apr 2019 04:19 AM
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