How do I purchase content licenses?

How do I purchase content licenses?

To purchase content licenses:
  1. Go to the METALFORM EDU site.
  2. Log in to the site to ensure you receive member pricing, if you are a PMA member.

  3. Upon logging in, you will be taken to the Dashboard page, which shows all licenses you have purchased thus far.

  4. Click on the Buy Licenses tab from this page. The types of licenses appear.

  5. Click the type of license you wish to purchase (e.g. Full Library). All licenses of that type will display.

  6. To purchase a license, click on the Buy Licenses button in the license. The button will change to a field, enabling you to enter the total number of licenses of that type you wish to purchase.
  7. Enter the total number of licenses you wish to purchase. Then click the blue shopping cart  button to add the license to your shopping cart. 

  8. Repeat the above steps to purchase additional licenses. 
  9. When you are ready to check out, click the Shopping Cart  icon at the top right of the page. It should have a number over it indicating the total license types (not total seats) you added to your cart.
  10. Check out.

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    • How do I extend a user's content license?

      To extend licenses for your employees, purchase a new license and then assign it to the user with an expired license. Licenses are assigned to such users exactly like you would assign a new license to a new user. Follow the instructions in How do I ...
    • How do I see the status of all licenses purchased?

      To see your current license usage: Log in to the system. Click License Management  from the left nav. The Licenses page will display, by default. All license purchases will display, or you can filter or sort them by name or the date of purchase. This ...
    • Can I look at course content without a license?

      No. In order to view course content, you need to purchase a license and assign it to yourself as a user. Alternatively, you can purchase a license and assign it to a learner user you set up so as to experience the system from a learner perspective.
    • Can licenses be transferred to a different employee if an employee leaves the company?

      Licenses are named licenses and not transferable once used, which is defined as once a user assigned the license has been assigned courses that are part of that license. Licenses are “named licenses” in order to preserve the data for each licensed ...
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      Many of PMA’s courses open in a new window. If pop-ups (new windows) are blocked on your computer, the pop-up blocker may need to be disabled. This can be done safely by limiting popups just to the METALFORM EDU website. Please follow the ...