What is All Member's chat in the private group?

What is All Member's chat in the private group?

All member's chat in the private group is a group chat where all members of Michael's community are part of. You can use it to send messages, ask questions, welcome other members, and engage your fellow crew members.
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    • I can't afford to join the Inner Circle.

      You can join Michael and the rest of the Crew in his private group. It’s Michael's free private community where everyone is networking and helping each other grow & develop in areas of business, faith, & life skills. Join the free group here: ...
    • What can I get from the Inner Circle?

      Get mentored by Michael through his INNER CIRCLE mentorship program. This is your chance to speak directly with Michael on a LIVE sit-down online meeting with other ambitious, high-performing individuals like himself. PRIVATE INNER CIRCLE COMMUNITY: ...
    • How can I interact with other members?

      There are several ways to interact with other members: 1. You can participate in group chats. 2. You can send chat messages or direct messages to specific members that you'd like to connect with. 3. You can share articles, videos etc in the community ...
    • What is Inner Circle?

      Inner Circle is a step-up or an upgrade from the initial private community that you are part of. The reason why it is called Inner Circle is that it is a smaller group comprised of chosen individuals who enjoy additional benefits from Michael and his ...
    • How often do Michael do a Sit Down?

      Michael runs a sit-down session 2 times per month. Because he wanted to make sure that everyone in the Inner Circle gets a chance to ask him a question there are times that the group is being divided into smaller sessions.