Getting Started With USM

Getting Started With USM

An exciting 12 module interactive coaching program with Natalie Ledwell where you will create simple yet highly effective ways to create and maintain a positive, high vibrational state that allows you to rise above challenges, achieve your goals and live life with greater joy, ease, and satisfaction.

Getting started with USM:

Login to your USM account here: USM Login Page

Watch the welcome video from Natalie: Welcome Video

Filling Out Your Profile
- All of your profile information can be changed / updated by you at anytime
- Fill out your profile - click 'My Profile' at the top right
- Information like your screen name and country will be visible to other USM members, while you have the choice to set other information like your name and address to public or private.
- Enter a course intention - the number 1 goal that you want to achieve
- Select an Area Of Life Goal - choose the area of life that you'd like to most impact.
- Course Intentions and Area Of Life Goal are visible to other USM members.
Click 'Save Changes'

After you have completed and saved your profile, you will unlock access to your first module.

- USM is designed as a 12 module program designed this way specifically to help keep you focused, on track and moving forward.
- Inside each module, you will be assigned a series of Mastery Exercises and other tasks to complete before you unlock access to the next module. After you have completed all Mastery Exercises and tasks in the module, the next module will be unlocked.
- Modules that have not been unlocked appear grayed out and are un-clickable in your Module list.
- Once a module is unlocked, you have access to go back to it at anytime as you progress farther into the class.

- Each week and inside each module you have access to a live Q&A teleseminar call with Natalie.
- When accessing a newly unlocked module the date, time, and phone number for each new teleseminar will be given.
- Natalie answers questions that are submitted to the members discussion forum as well as questions from members who are in the teleseminar call.
- If you miss the teleseminar, don't worry, each teleseminar is recorded and a link is provided for you to access the audio recording.

Mastery Exercises
- Each module includes different mastery exercise tasks assigned to you by Natalie. They change from module to module and are explained in the video lesson for that particular week.
- Next to each mastery exercise task is a progress bar(0% - 100%), and the number of times that it must be completed before you can unlock the next module.
- After logging progress, the progress bar will turn green when the task is 100% complete. Before the next module can be unlocked, all of the mastery exercises will need to be 100% complete.
- It is a good idea to track your progress on a daily basis.
- Super mastery exercises are bonus tasks, but they are not required to be completed to unlock the next module. They simply give you extra fuel in your tank to power you closer towards your goal.

3 Weekly Actions
- For each module enter in 3 weekly actions that you are going to take to move you closer to your number 1 goal.
- Give yourself a star rating(1 - 5 stars) for weekly actions that you have completed.
- 1 star = I think I did okay, 5 stars = I absolutely rocked this!
- A rating of at least 1 star must be applied before you will be able to unlock the next module.

Set Reminders
- Enter specific reminder messages to be sent to you to remind you to do certain tasks.
- Some reminders have already been created by Natalie for you, others you will need to enter yourself.
- Enter the time and date that you would like to receive the reminder.
- Messages can be sent by:
  1. Email
  2. Text - if you live in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe
  3. Voice Mail - if you live in the US or Canada
- Journaling is extremely helpful for personal growth because it reduces stress, releases negative emotions, and helps you reach a deeper understanding around your goals.
- This built in journal notepad allows you evaluate your progress and focus your thoughts.
- Enter as many journal entries as you would like.
- Journal entries are kept 100% private for your use only.
- If you choose to use a journal entry as your gratitude journal, it will automatically update your progress in the mastery exercise section.

Discussion Forums
- Post your questions, comments, and feedback to connect instantly with other USM members.
- Includes 6 message boards:
  1. Modules
  2. Ask Natalie
  3. Find My Accountability Partner
  4. Law Of Attraction Lounge
  5. Graduates
  6. Technical Support
Members Page
- Connect with fellow USM members that have similar Area Of Life Goals or Course Intentions.

- Status updates that let you know:
  1. When you have successfully unlocked access to new modules
  2. When someone responds to a message you posted in a discussion forum
  3. When you receive a private message from another USM member
  4. When a teleseminar audio is ready for download

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