Guidelines on how to use the Money Switch Activation System

Guidelines on how to use the Money Switch Activation System

When you're using the system for the first time, it's recommended you go through each section in the correct order:

1) Begin each module by watching your Money Attraction training video, and following along with your Money Accelerator Blueprint. Then move on to the Money Switch Mind Movie visualization video.
- Watch this every morning to boost your wealth mindset and keep your thoughts and emotions in a state of positive abundance throughout the day.
- You'll also find a PDF containing powerful wealth affirmations for each module - just memorize a few of these at a time, and repeat them whenever you're able throughout your day.

2) In the evenings, take a few moments to immerse yourself in the Neuro-Meditation: a specially engineered deep dive session that ignites even deeper subconscious transformation compared to regular guided meditations.

The first time you're going through the system, we recommend using each three section’s Neuro-Meditation for a one-week stretch. This helps lock in the desired transformation.

Then, once you've completed the entire system for the first time, you can switch to alternating between each of the Neuro-Meditations every day. Or select one that most closely matches your financial goals on any given day.

Also included in each module is a 60-minute recording of the Neuro-Meditation's subliminal audio backing track. You can play this in the background at any time of day, like when you're working, commuting, or working out.

Upon completing all three sections, try your bonus subliminal audios. Each of these 60-minute audios serve as optional boosters and contain the same technology as the Neuro-Meditations meditations. Play these on rotation with your other subliminal audios, depending on what area of financial success you'd like to focus on.
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