Add a new profile to the application

Add a new profile to the application

This document will explain the steps necessary to add a new profile - user, participant, volunteer, etc. - to the application. 

1. Login to the application and click on the People Profile icon.

2. At the top right of the screen, click on the Quick add icon .

3. You will be taken to a blank Basic Info page. There are three required fields:
First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number or Email Address. These fields are necessary to complete so that the system can detect possible duplicates.
You can complete more of the fields if desired.

4. Once the required fields have been completed, the Save button will become enabled (blue). Click Save to enter this person into the application.

5. A green popup box will appear to confirm the profile was created and saved. If there was an error, a red popup box will appear. Either box will disappear after a few seconds.