Adding and managing payments for a session

Adding and managing payments for a session

Some events require participant payment for supplies, like books or t-shirts. This Mission Suite has made the setup and management of payments easy. All you have to do is fill in the details (Fee label, Payment amount) in the Payment section of the session registration form. That is it! Mission Pathways handles the rest. You can view the status of participants' payments at any time by clicking on payments in the left navigation bar.

1. Login to the Mission Suite and select the session for which you would like to add a payment feature. If you have not created the new session, refer to How to Set up a Session.

2a. From the session overview page, click on Customize Registration Forms.
2b. Click the arrow next to Payments to open the section. Toggle the Fee line to ON (right) so it will display on the registration form. You can also make the payment required by clicking the required box. Type in the payment Description, Fee Label, and Price. Note that Fee Label and Price are required fields. These are needed to process the payments correctly.
2c. Click Update. The Payment feature has now been added to the registration form for this session.

3. When the participant clicks on the registration link, they will complete the fields then click Continue to Payment as shown below.

4.  A Payment screen will open. The registrant will complete the payment fields, selecting either Google Pay, bank account, a credit card, or Pay Later. Then click Sign Me Up. Note: if the registrant clicks Pay Later, they will still be registered, but their Payment status will be blank. You can enter their payment manually upon receipt.

5a. The payment screen contains the Fee Label that was entered in the registration form.
5b. The participant will complete the payment fields as shown below.
5c. Clicking the Pay button will start the transaction.

6a. Once the registrant clicks the Pay button, a confirmation screen will appear, and a confirmation email will also be sent (6b).

7. As the administrator, you can view the registrants and their payment status at any time. Go to the session overview page and click Payments. This is a great tool to record payments or follow up with those who have not yet paid.

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