Delete a Grow Group

Delete a Grow Group

If you attempt to delete a group in the Grow Module, you will receive a warning. This is intentional so that any existing member or leader records attached to that group are retained. See below for an illustrated view of this function.

1. Log in to the application. From the Home page click on Grow/Groups.

2. From the overview page, click the Group you wish to delete.

3.  If you attempt to delete the group and there are any members or leaders associated with this group, the following warning will appear. The application will not allow you to delete this group so that the individual records (members or leaders) in this group will be retained.

4. To delete an existing group, follow these steps:
     a.  From the group overview page, select Members from the left navigation bar.
     b.  Select all members (required to delete the Group)
     c.  Click the delete icon.

5. A warning will pop up, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the group and all of its members. 
     a. If you did not intend to delete the group, click the X.
     b. To complete the delete action, click Delete. 

The Group is now deleted and removed from each member's faith journey.
To retain the Group information in each member's faith journey, reclassify each member as inactive.

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