UPDATED Zoom online meeting application with Mission Pathways software 29-APR-2020

UPDATED Zoom online meeting application with Mission Pathways software 29-APR-2020

There are four components steps to using Mission Pathways and preassigned Zoom Breakout rooms:
  1. Preparation in Mission Pathways
  2. Preparation in Zoom
  3. Sending the Invitation from Mission Pathways
  4. Starting the Meeting

Preparation In Mission Pathways

      1)    Your small groups or table groups should already be created in Mission Pathways Encounter Module. 
     For instructions, refer to Assigning small table groups
      2)    To export your small groups to be used in Zoom breakout rooms.
                  a.    In Encounter, select your session.
                  b.   Click on groups.
                  c.    Click the export icon


                  d.    Select Zoom Format. This automatically arranges the file columns to be recognized by Zoom.

 Preparation In Zoom

NOTE: You must have a Zoom “Pro” account or higher to access this feature.
      3).      Log in to the Zoom web portal.
      4).      Select Settings from the menu on the left. 

      5).     Scroll down to select:
            a.     Enable Breakout Rooms.
            b.     Enable Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling.



      6). Navigate back to the top of the page.
           a.     Select Meetings from the menu on the left. 
           b.    Under the Upcoming Meetings column, select Schedule a Meeting.

      7). Scroll down and complete the following: 
            a.      Set up Recurring meetings for the entire series.
            b.      Set the date and time.
            c.      Click Required Registration.
            d.      Unclick require Meeting password (if desired).

            e.       Click Breakout Room pre-assign.
            f.        Click Import from CSV. Next, you will import the file you exported from the Mission Pathways application.

      8). To locate this file, either click “browse” and select your saved file or drag-drop your file into the gray square. 


      9). Once you select a file, the ‘save button will become enabled. Click Save.

NOTE: For the first few weeks, or until the small groups become more established in Mission Pathways, you may want to export/import your group information each week to ensure you have the latest information.

      10). Copy the Registration information to easily send it out using Mission Pathways Suite.


Send the Zoom Meeting Invitation from Mission Pathways

In Mission Pathways, select your group session: 
            1a. Click on participants. 
            1b. Select all. 
            1c. Select email.

           2a. Paste the Zoom Registration invitation information into the body of the email.  Remember to add a subject line.
           2b. Click Send.
Note: The login information for your participant remains the same each week.


Starting the Meeting

      1).     From the Zoom Portal, start the Meeting
      2).    Click on Breakout Rooms in the toolbar. Verify that Breakout rooms will have the correct participants.
      3).     As attendees arrive, they will be in a large group.
      4).     When it is time for the video from Zoom, be sure to select “Share computer sound” and "Optimize for Full-screen video clip.”

After the video, select the Breakout Rooms icon in Zoom.
Click Open Rooms. You are now set up to have separate table groups using Zoom.

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