Updating a user's access level and resetting a user's password - Admin

Updating a user's access level and resetting a user's password - Admin

Updating a User’s Access Levels  

If assigned the Administrator (ADMIN) role in the application, you have the ability to assign and edit the permissions of the users at your church. However, if you or a user requires a password reset, you must click “Don’t remember your Password” on the login page.

1. Log in and click on the Settings button in the top right of the screen.

2a. Select Manage Users from the left navigation bar. A list of all users will be displayed.
2b. To further narrow down the list, begin typing the user's last name.

3a. Select the desired individual.
3b. Click the    icon to change their permission level.

4. The Edit Access window opens. The individual's current permission or access level is shown and
cannot be altered until the ADMIN button is unchecked. Once unchecked, you can select the individual’s
updated access level. Note: Once unchecked, the ADMIN access level resets to None. Selecting
None as an access level removes any access to the corresponding module (Encounter or Grow).
In the examplebelow, this individual has no access to the Encounter module, however he still retains
Read/Write/Create access for the Grow module. Click Save to retain these changes.

Resetting a User's Password

Follow steps 1 - 2 above.
3a. Select the individual whose password needs to be reset.
3b. Click the change password icon . An email will automatically be sent to the selected user containing password reset instructions.

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