Flexipay 2.54 Release Report

Flexipay 2.54 Release Report

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Flexipay: version!

Note: The issue with the DevOps ID '30914' corrected XML P60s to include Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay. TMS 8 version is required to display these changes.

This article is intended to guide you through what's new in  Flexipay version 2.54 , and provide some guidance on how to upgrade your  Flexipay  software to version 2.54 , as well as in what order. The articles are best read in the following order:

  1. Perform the software update by reading the Flexipay version 2.54 upgrade instructions  [link]
  2. Then, look through the new features listed on this page to familiarise yourself with the new content
  3. Copy your year-end data by reading the Flexipay copy year-end instructions  [link]
  4. Then, perform the year-end by reading the Flexipay RTI Year-end procedure [link]
Note : Payroll guidance on Year-end processing under  RTI  can be found on the HMRC website:

This version of Flexipay introduces the following new features:

  1. New statutory parameters

    This release of Flexipay includes changes to statutory parameters, correct for tax year 2021/2022, as known at the time of release. These include Tax, National Insurance, Statutory payments, Company Car percentages and benefits.

  2. RTI and P11D submission changes

    New elements have been added to the schemas for 2020/2021 (end of year) P11D submissions and RTI submissions for the 2021/2022 tax year. More information can be found here.

  3. Previous year correction submissions for 2020-2021 and beyond

    The way earlier year updates are submitted has been changed for Tax years 2020/2021 and beyond. Flexipay now has the new submission format available for use, as well as retaining old functionality for years 2019/2020 and previous. More information can be found here.

  4. Scottish student loans

    Support has been added to
    Flexipay 2.54 for Scottish Student loan plans. More information can be found here.

  5. Off-payroll workers

    Version 2.52 of Flexipay added functionality to support the then-upcoming off-payroll worker requirements from HMRC for all companies. These changes were put on hold for the 2020-2021 tax year, and as a result were not required for use by private companies in Flexipay. However, as of tax year 2021-2022 this is now enforced by HMRC and thus it is now available for use. More information can be found here.

  6. Bereavement pay figures added to P60s

    The different formats of P60s have been updated to now include Statutory Parental Bereavement pay on them. An example can be found here.

  7. Support for individual employee PDF P11Ds, ready for upload to TMS

    A new preference has been added that allows you to produce individual employee P11D forms. Functionality has also been expanded to allow the P11D(b) part of the form on its own. More information can be found here.

  8. A list of employee’s Jobs can now be included in XML payslips

    A new preference has been added to include an employee’s Job details on an XML payslip. More information can be found here.

  9. Jobs are now shown as active or inactive in the Maintain Jobs window

    An active/inactive column has been added to the Maintain Jobs window. More information can be found here.

Note: if upgrading directly from version 2.52, you can find documentation for the features introduced in version 2.53 here.

If you have already been using version or later, some customers have reported that the Holiday pay calculation changes have adversely affected their payroll when it comes to weeks not worked. The new automatic detection of weeks not worked was previously turned on when upgrading, but if weeks not worked had been entered manually, this feature had the potential to "double up" the weeks not worked for statutory leave periods (i.e. counting the weeks already manually entered in the automatic detection). To rectify this, simply add a "From date" to the feature, as detailed here.
mandatory patch was released, version, which included further updates to statutory parameters based on HMRC guidance. This patch also includes the changes made in version, which was a fix for a serious bug that was identified with the original release. Every user must upgrade to version prior to the end of Tax Year 2020/2021. You can find details about what was fixed in here, and read about the statutory parameter changes here.

The full list of changes can be found in the table below: 


Admin ID

DevOps ID


Change Notes


Product Enhancement



Holiday pay calculation needs to consider employee's Start date from TUPE

Flexipay will now use employees' Start Date from TUPE if they have one


Issue Resolution



Company sick pay offset to gross is not added to Company sick this PIW for a new unlinked PIW

The calculation for new periods of sickness has been corrected if subtracting unpaid days from salary

Issue Resolution



Standalone rebuild index program does not work with encrypted data

UTRBINDX.exe has been updated to now allow it to rebuild data that has been encrypted

Issue Resolution



"Failed to change key, error 10220 ...." error is shown when using Create randomised copy with encrypted data

Create randomised copy has been updated to now work correctly with data that has been encrypted


Product Enhancement



Support for individual employee PDF P11Ds, ready for upload to TMS

A new preference has been added that allows you to produce individual employee P11D form, and you can now produce P11D(b) forms on their own

Product Enhancement



Ability to add a list of employee’s Jobs to the XML payslip format for the Job Breakdown module

A new preference has been added to include an employee's Job details on an XML Payslip

Product Enhancement



Show the Active / Inactive status of each Job within an employee's Maintain Job definitions screen of the Job Breakdown module

An Active/Inactive column has been added to the employee Job Details screen

Issue Resolution



No warning is being raised when setting directors NI field to Y when the employee already has NI earnings

Employee validation has been corrected

Issue Resolution



When modifying users or user profiles the tab order through the fields was incorrect

Using the Tab or Enter key to navigate through these forms, it will now be in the correct order

Issue Resolution



HMRC Messages - Student loan stop and start notices received together, to move employees to the new Scottish plan type, may be applied in the wrong order 

This was causing the student loan end date field to be set so that the student loans payments are stopped. Now, when Student loan Stop and Start notices are processed, the effects of the last notice applied are now checked and replaced correctly when required

Issue Resolution



Export of HMRC messages to CSV is omitting a column for the employee surnames

An employee Surname column has been added to HMRC Messages CSV exports

Issue Resolution



When Cost breakdown imports are set to clear existing breakdown data, any employees with a payment after leaving are being missed from the clearing process

Employees with payments after leaving are now included in the selection when clearing the existing breakdown data


Issue Resolution



Year end correction FPS not selecting employees that have no previous FPS

Earlier year update FPS submission has been corrected to work with employees that have no previous FPS submissions in the selected tax year

Issue Resolution



Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay is missing from the XML P60 format

XML P60s now incude Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay


Issue Resolution



After successful earlier year FPS has been submitted, Flexipay won't allow any further corrections to be submitted

This issue has now been resolved, and Flexipay will allow multiple Earlier year FPSs

Issue Resolution



Warning for linked PIW being more than 6 months ago is raised when no PIW exists

If there had been no PIW for an employee, Flexipay was incorrectly reading a blank entry as more than 6 months ago and triggering a confirmation - this issue has now been resolved


Product Enhancement



Changes to statutory parameters

The statutory parameters for Company Cars have been updated

Issue Resolution



Exception "Invalid floating point operation" occurs whilst calculating holiday pay if the archive data has invalid pay period dates

This issue has now been resolved


Issue Resolution



Conv254 needs to expand the pension history file to match the pension file structure

A change has been made to the CONV254 program to prevent an issue arising from conflicting Pension and Pension History files

Issue Resolution



HMRC NIC Specification change

The Company NI Contribution rounding rules have been corrected to be in line with changed HMRC specification


Product  Enhancement



P60s altered to display Statutory Bereavement Pay

SBP is now included on the different P60 types, e.g. PDF P60s

Product Enhancement



New Statutory parameters

Statutory parameters have been updated as per the latest HMRC guidance

Product Enhancement



FPS Earlier Year Update to replace EYU

EYUs are no longer in use for Tax years 2020/2021 and onwards, and have been replaced by a Year end correction FPS submission

Product Enhancement



RTI and P11D schema field changes

New fields have been added to RTI schemas

Product Enhancement



Plan 4 Student loans

Plan 4 Student loans (Scottish student loans) are now available


Product  Enhancement



Holiday pay calculation for multiple Jobs

Flexipay now individually calculates Holiday pay for each Job

Issue Resolution



List index out of bounds error whilst using Modify single employee field if some Jobs are inactive

Flexipay was incorrectly reading the values for all Jobs – this has now been resolved

Issue Resolution



JOBDESCRIPTION column is only applied when a Job is added to an existing employee

JOBDESCRIPTION is now applied to the new Job created when adding the employee

Issue Resolution



Employees are not showing as deceased on XML payslips

This issue has now been resolved with an updated XML file

Issue Resolution



Some reports for certain employee selections can cause a crash

Employee selection has been corrected to prevent this issue


Product Enhancement



Suppress automatic backdating of CSP/SSP calculation changes where PIW end date is a long time before the current period pay date

Company sick pay and SSP are no longer automatically calculated if a period of SSP ended both more than 6 months ago and in the previous tax year


Product Enhancement



Import into Archive via CSV support for adding records

The Import CSV file to archive tool can now add employee records that do not already exist

Product Enhancement



Holiday pay rate calculation can now automatically exclude weeks with Satutory payments

There is a new option to automatically exclude weeks that have a period of Statutory payment from the 52-week average for Holiday pay

Product Enhancement



Option to set Documents folder per user so the folder access for different payrolls can't be controlled

A default save location for Reports when logged in as specific Users is now available

Product Enhancement



A leaver after final submission of tax year – check report needs to warn that EYU (or earlier year FPS) is actually needed

A new warning has been added to the Check payroll details report that warns that a final FPS has not been sent for the previous tax year for an employee

Issue Resolution



Pro rata across 2 pay period, e.g. new starter with start date in previous period is incorrect when using the 260 day year rule

Pro rata values are now correctly calculated for New starters being paid for two Pay periods at once when using the 260 day rule

Issue Resolution



EPS with "No payments for this month (No FPS due)" fails

EPS submissions with the "No payments for this month (no FPS due)" are now submitted correctly to HMRC

Issue Resolution



Payrolled Class 1A NI not included in Class 1A NI on the analysis of pay elements report

Class 1A NI (such as Sporting awards) now correctl display on an Analysis of pay elements report

Issue Resolution



Cannot submit P46(Car) for an all-electric car

New errors have been added to the P46(Car) submission log, that warn against incorrectly set Range of electric car values

Issue Resolution



Employee email address and password not randomised


Employee emails and passwords are now correctly randomised when anonymising data

Issue Resolution



Cannot enter week 56 in pay period range in report generator

Report generator now accepts week values up to and including 56

Issue Resolution



P60 should not be printed if "Exclude from HMRC" is Y

Employees are no longer included in the P60 employee selection if the "Exclude from HMRC" drop-down menu in their Employee details is set to Y


Issue Resolution



Encrypted data will not upgrade

Encrypted data will now upgrade correctly

Issue Resolution



Date rules calculation wrong for weekly, fortnightly and four weekly pay groups

The date rules now calculate correctly

This release also contains the changes made in version 2.53. You can find the release report here

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