Adding a pay rise in Flexipay

Adding a pay rise in Flexipay

You can process pay rises in Flexipay by opening the Maintain pay rises window. Click System in the Flexipay tool bar, and click Maintain pay rises.

First, add a pay rise by clicking the Add button.

Second, select the element(s) of pay that you want the pay rise to apply to, whether it should be percentage or flat rate, how much the rise should be, and how it should be rounded. These fields use drop-down menus or text fields:

Third, enter the date you want the pay rise to apply from by using the date picker:

Adding in a date that is prior or equal to the previous pay period's pay date will make it perform a backdating calculation.

Click OK when you have completed the details of the pay rise.

Next, highlight the desired Pay rise and click the Apply. You will be asked for confirmation, and then will need to confirm some settings. When you are happy with the settings, click OK to continue :

You will then be able to choose which Employees will receive the pay rise by using the Employee picker tool used throughout Flexipay. Click OK to apply the Pay rise to Employees.

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