Change Supervisor password

Change Supervisor password

It is important to keep your password secret, particularly if you are a system administrator or have a high level of access to the menu options and Employees in the system. If your password becomes known by others, attempts could be made to access the system with your username. However, the WinTMS Audit trail maintains a record of all attempts to access the system and details of the Client machine used to do so.

If the password expiry function is used by your system, you will need to change your password at regular intervals. The system will warn you when the password expiry limit is approaching. It is advisable to change your password when you receive a warning. Alternatively, you may delay changing the password until later, and use the Change supervisor password function.

Select Change supervisor password from the Other menu in the drop-down Header pane. The Change supervisor password screen opens. For example:

First enter your existing password in the Current password field, then enter a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. The value you choose for your new password must meet certain criteria or rules which have been defined by your system administrator. Click Password criteria to display the rules, for example:

Click Close to exit the Password criteria pop-up.

Click  Change , if your new password meets the criteria and the values entered in the New password and Confirm password fields match, a supervisor password change success message is displayed and your password is changed. For example:

Click  Close  to dismiss the message and return to the Supervisor Dashboard.

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