Changes to hierarchical Security

Changes to hierarchical Security


TMS 8 version has introduced a new feature to improve the Hierarchical security feature. Hierarchical security is an optional feature in WinTMS that creates Users when you edit an Employee that does not have a User associated with them. Prior to version, this newly created User would automatically default their Employee access to the last Lookup that you added a User to. This can lead to problems where users are not careful when they automatically create Users using Hierarchical security, and leads to Users in random LookupsFor example, in the screenshot below, User has been added to its own Lookup:

New preference

A new preference has been added that allows you to nominate a default Lookup for Users created in this way. The new preference is located in the login options window. You can access the login options by opening the System menu, clicking Maintain users, and then selecting the login options button:

The new preference is a drop-down box that allows you to choose the default Lookup:

The options that are available will be those that have been enabled in the Interface tab of the System preferences, in the User employee access menu:

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