Changes to Job Breakdown

Changes to Job Breakdown


Change Job ID

Flexipay now supports the ability to change a Job ID on an existing Job. To change the Job ID, open the Modify Employee Details window and click the Jobs button. A new button has been added to the Maintain job definitions window, labelled Change ID:

Click this button to open the Job definition window. You can then change the Job ID to the desired value using the text box. Once changed, click OK to save the changes:

Multiple Jobs functionality in Modify single Employee field

The Modify single Employee field utility now supports the ability to change the field values for multiple Jobs at once, rather than singly or all at once. After opening the Modify single Employee field utility, a number of radio buttons have been added to allow you to choose how to change Job values for Employees with multiple values:

Choose the method you would like to use by selecting the radio button. The three options do the following:

  1. Apply the change to the main job only – This will only change the values for the Employee's main Job
  2. Apply the same change to all jobs – This will change the values for all Jobs that the Employee has to the same value (or same percentage change)
  3. Apply a different change to each job – This will display a new form when you change an Employee who has multiple Jobs that allow you to change each Job individually

The new form is displayed below – each Job can have its own value. Click OK to confirm the changes:

Importing CSV files now supports adding new Jobs

When using the Import CSV file utility, Flexipay now allows you to add a new Job to the Employee. As before, if the Job ID number in the "JOBNUM" column matches an existing one, it will update that Job. However if the CSV file contains a new Job ID, it will create a new Job with that Job ID for that Employee.

To enable this setting, you must tick a new checkbox on the Import CSV file window:

A new column is also available for CSV files, labelled "JOBDESCRIPTION". Entries in this column will add a description to any new Jobs created during the import.

Note: The same functionality has been added to the Import by Definition tool.


Holiday Pay is now broken down via Jobs

When using the Job Breakdown module, Holiday pay is now displayed for each Job individually, rather than as a whole. For example, if an Employee has two Jobs, and accrues Holiday pay at different rates for each, their Holiday pay will show two different results when viewing the Employee details with a Display view set up to show their Holiday pay. In the example below, you can see that two of the Employee's Jobs, 'Main Job' and 'Job 3', have different Holiday pay rates:


When running the Holiday pay breakdown report, individual Jobs are totalled over the previous period(s) to show the breakdown of Holiday pay for each Job:

Note: This is example data, in a real example there would be worked hours for most periods with individual totals for each Job

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