Changes to the Job Breakdown module

Changes to the Job Breakdown module

Job List in XML Payslips

Note: This functionality expands the Job Breakdown module. If you do not have this module enabled in your installation, it will not be an option in Flexipay.

You can now include a list of an employee's Jobs in XML Payslips. With this option enabled, extra information will be added to XML Payslips that details the employee's Jobs. For example, a typical employee may have this additional information at the end of their XML Payslip:


       <Jobs Count="1">








For employees with multiple Jobs, they would have additional <Item> entries.

You can enable the Add job list to XML payslips setting in the Payslips 2 tab (keyboard shortcut ALT+2) of the Modify miscellaneous parameters window:

Additional Job Definition details

The Job definitions window has also been updated to include more information. A new column has been added that displays if the Job is Active or Inactive for the employee:

The Job that is in the top row of the Job definitions window will always be Active. If an Inactive Job is moved into the top position, it will be changed to Active

Note: if a Job is moved to the top row and then subsequently moved down before the Job definitions window is closed, it will return to its previous state. For example, the 'Catering assistant' Job in the above screenshot would become Active and then return to Inactive if it was moved up and then moved down again.

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