Create New User

Create New User

  1. From Maintain User> Add
    We enter the NEW user's Username, in this case SUSANG and pressed OK

  2. Next we completed the Edit User screen

    We entered the User's Full Name and Profile.
    We clicked on the Set Password button and gave the User a temp password
    The Profile tell us WHAT access the new User has to the system.
    We picked Use Password expiry, so when she first logs into the system, she must change her temp password
    And then we clicked on the Employee Access Button
  3. On the Employee Access screen this is where we define WHO the User can view.
    In this case, we selected ALL

  4. And lastly we clicked on the Self Access tab.
    On this screen we define WHO the Supervisor is.
    They MUST be an employee within TMS.
    In this case we picked Siew Young as Sandra has not been added to TMS yet.

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