Creating a Theme

Creating a Theme

In addition to selecting from the pre-defined list of Themes, the system allows you to create your own Theme to apply, which is done on the Create theme page. This page is divided into two sections, with Action buttons in the left-hand pane and Name field and colour selectors in the main page:

To name your Theme, simply type the desired text into the name field at the top of the main window.

There are three different areas of the system which you can change the colour of:

  • Header bar and TMS menu colour - this will change the colour of the main header bar at the top of all pages in TMS and also the colour of the drop-down menu that is used when navigating the system

  • Navigation and details bar colour - this will change the colour of the navigational section

  • Text headings colour - this will change the colour of the heading test, such as the 'Create theme' text in the image above

In order to select a new colour, simply select the colour square to the right of each of the three options. This will provide you with a colour picker like the following:

Note: the colour picker is browser specific and may look different in your system, the version shown above is from Google Chrome.

Once you have selected the desired colour scheme for your Theme, it is possible to preview it by selecting Preview form the left-hand pane.

If you are happy with the Theme that you have created, select Submit to add it to the list of possible Themes to choose from, it will appear in the list on the main Theme page in blue text.

The created Theme will not be applied automatically, in order to apply the Theme, you must go into the Active Theme section and select it from the drop-down list.

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