Custom login logos

Custom login logos

Custom corporate branding can be applied to TMS by adding your corporate logo files into the web directory. Prior to version, the upgrade wizard would overwrite these changes. To circumvent this problem, you can now add a custom login logo to your TMS folder which will never be overwritten.


To replace the logo on the login screen, open the "images" folder in your TMS 8 installation folder. You can then add a new image named customlogin-logo.png, which TMS 8 will use as the image on the login page:

The image will be rescaled to 340x35px, which should be considered when choosing an image to replace the login logo. The image should also have an aspect ratio no wider than 9.7:1, otherwise the logo will be wider than the login box and no longer be centred.


Note: custom images should also be as small a file size as possible, to improve the cache storage performance on the local machine and reduce web loading times.

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