Employee password

Employee password


Your TMS password and user name provide access to the system. As with all passwords you are advised to keep your TMS password secret and change it periodically. If the Employee password feature has been enabled for you by a Supervisor, the Employee password page is accessed from the drop-down Header pane (click TMS in the header). It can also be accessed from the Menu Widget which may be displayed on your Dashboard.

Click Employee password to open the Employee password page:

This page is used to change your TMS password, you may wish to do this for security reasons. To change your password, first enter your Current password then enter a value for your new password in both the New password and Confirm password fields. The value you choose for your new password must meet certain criteria or rules which have been defined by your system administrator. Click Password criteria to display the rules, for example:

Click Close to exit the Password criteria pop-up.

Click Submit in the left-hand pane to save the new value. If your new password meets the criteria and the values entered in the New password and Confirm password fields match, a password change success message is displayed and your password is changed. For example:

Click  Close  to dismiss the message and return to the Dashboard.

The Change Password action will fail for the following reasons:

  • The new password does not meet the password criteria. A message is displayed detailing the problem with your new password, for example:

    you can see the password criteria by clicking Password Criteria

  • An incorrect value has been entered for the Current password. An error message is displayed, for example:

  • The values you enter in the New password and Confirm password fields do not match. A password change mismatch message is displayed, for example:

  • You leave one or more of the fields blank. The empty fields are highlighted, for example:

If you do not wish to change your password, click Cancel. Your current password is unchanged and you are returned to the Dashboard.

Note: If password expiry is used you will need to change your password at regular intervals.

Employee Self-service password reset

TMS allows an Employee or Supervisor to reset their own password through the Web login screen.

Please note: TMS emails a password reset link to the address specified in your Employee Details. If the email address is incorrect, or no email address is specified, the self-service password reset will not work. It is vital that these records are kept up-to-date.

To reset your password, select Help from the login screen.

Select the Forgotten password header.

Enter your ID (the name or number that you use to log into TMS) and your email address. Select your account type (Employee or Supervisor), then select Submit.

If the email address you enter matches the email address in your TMS profile, TMS will send a password reset email to the address.

Please note: if the email address you enter does not match the email address in your TMS profile, TMS will not send a password reset email. Additionally, after submitting a password reset request, TMS will not allow another reset request for a system-specified amount of time (default 30 minutes). The success message will still appear, to maintain system security.

The email contains a password reset link, which is valid for a system-specified amount of time (default 10 minutes). Select the link to proceed.

The Forgotten password screen opens.

Please note: if the reset link has expired, an error will appear and the password change fields will not appear. If this happens, begin the process again to receive a new link.

Enter a new password into the New password field, and confirm it in the Confirm password field. Select Password criteria to view your TMS password requirements. When you have entered your new password, select Submit.

Your password is changed, and you are returned to the Help screen with a success message. You can now select Close and log in using your new details.

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