Employee planner

Employee planner

The Employee planner allows you to view your planned Shifts for a given period, and submit Shift change requests to your Supervisor.

You can access the Employee planner feature from the menu in the drop-down Header pane. It can also be accessed from the Menu and Shortcuts widgets which may be displayed on your Dashboard.

The Employee planner should be displayed. For example:

The main area of the Employee planner contains a table showing your Shift pattern for each day in a particular period of time. The default agenda view covers a full month period and the days are displayed cascading down the page. The time period covered is indicated at the top of the screen and in the example this is from '17th February to 23rd February'. You can view past or future periods of time using the buttons in the top right-hand corner of the page and change the Layout of the Employee planner using the options in the left-hand pane.

You can request a Shift change or find out further information about a Shift by selecting a single day or highlighting a date range. More details will appear in the right-hand pane.

Days and work records are colour coded in the Employee planner. For example:

  • Working days — Monday to Friday has bands representing Work records for shifts worked.

  • Non-working days — Saturday and Sunday have grey bands to represent a Work record for a non-working day

  • Processed days — Monday and Tuesday have a dark yellow background. When a day has been processed the planned Work record will change to 'Planned past'

Note: the colours can be changed and so may differ in your own Employee planner.

Further Employee planner details

Click on a day in the Employee planner to select it and view further details in the right-hand pane. In the week and month Layouts, you may also select a block of days by clicking on the first day and dragging the cursor to the end day. The selection will be highlighted with a light blue background and further details of what is happening in the date range are displayed in the right-hand details pane. Below is an example of two dates being highlighted:

  • Date range — displays the date range of what has been selected
  • Details — further details of the shift on the selected day(s) in order of dates
    • Planned shift - this will display the details of the planned shift
    • Shift request change - clicking this button allows you to request a shift change

Note: your Work record could contain TAS information depending on your system administrators settings.

If nothing has been selected from the Employee planner, 'Nothing to display' is shown in the right-hand pane. For example:

Click Close in the left-hand navigation pane to return to the Dashboard.

Locked Shifts

Shifts may also be locked by Supervisors. If a Shift is locked, it will have a padlock symbol in the right-hand corner. You can still request Absences for these shifts, but Supervisors will need specific permissions to approve it. You can read more about locked shifts here.

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