Flexipay version 2.53 upgrade instructions

Flexipay version 2.53 upgrade instructions


Purpose of this article

This document outlines the procedure for upgrading the Flexipay payroll software to version 2.53.

Note: This booklet assumes that you are upgrading from version 2.52 or later.  If you are upgrading from version 2.51 or earlier, please contact Mitrefinch Support. If you are currently running Flexipay version 2.51 or below, stop now and contact Mitrefinch Support.

What you should do

Please read the remainder of Section 1, then complete a backup as described in Backing up your data, and finally follow the Installation instructions to install Flexipay 2.53.

The check list on the following page is provided for your reference. Either edit it directly or print out this document. Please retain and complete the relevant sections as you progress through the various steps of the upgrade process.  Start by recording details of your current installation, as they will come in useful during the process. Other pre-installation steps to be completed are below.

Flexipay for Windows® users may check their version number by selecting Help > About Flexipay from the main tool bar.

Note: Before upgrading, please ensure all users have logged off the system and undertake a complete backup of your Flexipay system, including the programs and data. If you do not back up your data and programs, and there is a problem with the upgrade, Mitrefinch Support will be unable to help rectify the problem. This must be a complete backup of the application and data in its entirety, which will need to be carried out by your IT department.

If you have the Mitrefinch HR Manager personnel system linked to Flexipay, you must upgrade HR Manager to a suitable version BEFORE you upgrade Flexipay.

  • If you have version 5.02 of HR Manager you must upgrade to version 5.02U build 034 or later. 

  • If you have version 5.04 of HR Manager you must upgrade to version 5.04R build 059 or later. 

  • If you have version 6 or version 7 of HR Manager you must upgrade to version 7.48.6 or later.

  • If you have version 8 of HR Manager you must upgrade to version 8.27.7 or later.

If you have the Mitrefinch HR Manager personnel system please ensure that all HR users have logged out of that as well.

Mitrefinch Support: 0330 726 0090

Upgrade Check List

Chapter 1

Current Flexipay Version

Flexipay system and data has been backed up


Upgrade summaries

I have read and understood the new features


Chapter 2

Location of Flexipay (drive and directory)

Location of data (if not held in the \WINPAY directory)

Installation completed


Data converted (if not held in the \WINPAY directory)


Backing up your Data

Backing up Flexipay v2.52

Please ensure your IT department makes a complete backup of your current instance of the Flexipay application and all data before upgrading. This is to ensure that you have a working version to roll back to if the upgrade process fails.

Installation Instructions

Running the installation program

Before continuing, ensure your data is backed up and that no users are logged into Flexipay.

Note: If you have Mitrefinch HR Manager software linked to Flexipay, make sure that its programs and data have also been backed up and that everybody has logged out of that as well.

If you have downloaded the new version, copy the zip file to a PC where you can currently run Flexipay, extract the zip file into a new folder, and run the setup program.

If you have a CD, then insert the upgrade CD into a PC where you can currently run Flexipay.  The CD should auto-run.  If your system has not been set up to allow this, right-click the Start button (bottom left hand corner of the screen, on the taskbar) followed by the Run option.  Enter the drive letter followed by 'SETUP' and click OK.  For instance if the drive letter of your CD drive is D: enter the following command:


The following welcome screen will appear:

Once you have reached this stage, click Next and the Software Licence Agreement screen appears. Click Yes to continue and you will be shown a screen that allows you to choose the installation type. By default, this screen will select Upgrade from Windows Payroll.  You should not change this. Click Next to continue. At this point, the program will check that no other is still using Flexipay. 

The following error message will display if another user is found:

If this happens, press OK to abort the installation. At this stage, you will need to ensure that nobody is using Flexipay and everyone has logged off the system. Following that, you will need to backup your data once again as your previous backup will not have been complete while other users were still logged onto the system. Return to Running the installation program once this has been completed.

If you did not receive this message, then you are able to continue the installation. The following screen will appear:

This screen displays the names of each of the data directories to be converted, and will display their current versions. If a directory is not visible, it is because it is not located in your WINPAY directory. These should be converted manually later, which is completed in Converting data directories. However, you should complete the directories that do appear first.

Note: If any directories do not show version 2.52 or later, please stop the installation process at this point and contact Mitrefinch support.

Click the OK button to convert the data. An information screen with Conversion complete will display once the process is finished. Click OK to continue. This process may repeat several times, until every directory has been successfully updated to version 2.53. If that is the case, simply repeat until the following screen appears:

Once you reach this screen, the upgrade is complete. Click Finish to close the installer. If, before this point, a report appears during the data conversion, please make a copy of the report and contact Mitrefinch support, who will assist accordingly. 

If you are in any doubt as to the status of the upgrade, or any messages unfamiliar to you appear that are not listed in this document, please contact Mitrefinch Support.

Converting data directories that are not under the WINPAY Directory

Before you start, ensure that the data in these directories has been backed up. 

Locate your Flexipay installation folder. This should have been noted in the Checklist. If not, contact your system administrator if you are unsure where this is. Once you have located it, open the LOCALCFG application. If you have trouble locating this, it may be useful to sort the files by type and look through the applications. 

When LOCALCFG is open, you will see this screen:

Make a note of the information that is currently in the Data directory field, you will need it later. 

Once you have made a note of the current path, press the ‘’ button and navigate to the directory that you wish to convert. For example:


Click OK, then return to Running the installation program.

Note: Once the data directory has been converted, and the process is repeated for any other directories that you wish to convert, make sure you return to LOCALCFG and set the path back to what it originally was. This will ensure that your system operates in the same way that it did before the upgrade.

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