Free of charge employee self-service module

Free of charge employee self-service module

Free of charge employee self-service module – enable better remote working

As the effects of the COVID 19 virus continue to impact our customers we are reviewing all of our services and looking for ways in which we can continue to support our customers through this tough time.   
We have held an emergency meeting with a customer user group to learn what the key challenges are right now and how we can help you our customers manage staff working remotely against the backdrop of rapidly changing needs.    

Our Employee Self-Service module is already proving an extremely useful tool for our customers. If you do not yet have this module, we would like to offer it to you free of charge for 3 months to help you through this difficult time, with no obligation, of course, to keep it after that time.  

We hope this goes some way in helping you navigate through this difficult period.   

The ESS module:  

  1. Up and running within a day
  2. Allows clocking in and out from home on any device
  3. Record self-isolation and absences easily
  4. Communicate key updates easily with a remote workforce
  5. Reduced paperwork for employees and management and assist in social distancing
  6. Allows workers to view their rosters and planned shifts online and in real-time
  7. Team members can view their annual leave balances reducing questions to managers and HR
  8. Easy access to documents such as policies and guidance.  

Our rapid deployment team is ready to help, request a callback or call us on 0330 726 0066 to get started.