Setting up a display view to view holiday pay changes

Setting up a display view to view holiday pay changes

To set up a Display view, open the System menu in the Flexipay toolbar, hover over the Maintain elements of pay option and click Maintain display views. This will open the Maintain display views window:


Click the Add button to add a new Display view. Enter a name for the new Display view in the window that appears, and click OK. This will open the Modify display view window. You will need to add several fields to the Employee fields of this Display view. Use the Insert button to add new rows to the Employee fields table. The following Employee fields are useful for viewing changes to Holiday pay:

  1. Holiday pay rate
  2. Holiday pay type
  3. Hol. Pay – total pay
  4. Hol. Pay – tot. days
  5. Hol. Pay – total hrs
  6. Hol. Pay – basic pay
  7. Hol. Pay – tot. wks
  8. Weeks not worked
  9. Calc. holiday pay

Note: when using the drop-down menu to add an Employee field, you can press CTRL+F to search for the fields you're looking for. The numbers associated with these Employee fields may not be the same as the example below.

Once you have added your desired Employee fields, give the Display view a description and click OK to save it.

You can then add a Display view to a Pay group from the Modify pay group window (Flexipay toolbar - System –Modify pay groups). Choose the desired Pay group from the Maintain pay groups window, and click Modify.

The Modify payroll group window will open. Open the Advanced tab (keyboard shortcut ctl+A). There is a drop-down menu labelled Information display view – use this to select your newly created Display view, and click OK:

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