Invalid Credentials

Invalid Credentials

There are several reasons that you may see an Invalid Credentials error message. The main reasons are outlined below.

Incorrect password

Please check that the password being entered is correct. TMS passwords are case sensitive, so please ensure the password is typed exactly as it was originally entered.
Please also check Caps Lock and Num Lock are turned off.

Employee does not have a web licence

Employees require a Web licence to be able to log into TMSWeb. You can check if an employee has the correct licence in both WinTMS and TMSWeb.


Launch WinTMS
Select the employee in question
Click Employee details
Click Licence options
Ensure Web is ticked


Log into TMSWeb as a supervisor
Select the employee in question
Click Employee licencing
Ensure Web is ticked

Change password disallowed

If an employee is given a  temporary password then they will need to change their password when they next log in. If they do not have access to change their own password, they will see an Invalid credentials error message. You can check if an employee has access to change their own password in WinTMS. Similarly, a supervisor may not have access to change their own password.

Enable Change Password for employees

Log into WinTMS
Go to System->Employee profiles
Double click the profile the employee uses
Click Menu rights
Expand Web module->Employee
Check that Change Password is ticked

Enable Change Password for supervisors

Log into WinTMS
Go to System->Maintain Users->Profiles
Double click the profile the supervisor users
Click Menu rights
Expand TMS->Other
Check that Change Password is ticked
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