Job Scheduler

Job Scheduler

The Job Scheduler allows you to create and maintain scheduled jobs for one or a number of terminals. These may recur monthly or daily, or they can run as a one-off task.

To access the Job Scheduler, select the option on the left-hand menu pane.

The Job scheduler displays the terminal each job runs on, the frequency, the type of job and the next time the job will run.

Note: The Poller still controls scheduled jobs and must be running at all times.

Add a Job 

To add a scheduled job, select Schedule job. The Job scheduler prompts for the configuration.

In this example, the job will download employee details to a terminal. It will run on the 15th day of every month at 9pm. It will remove inactive Employees from the terminal.

Job type

Select Download employee details from the Job type drop-down list.

Some Jobs have additional options depending on the Job type. For this job, select Remove employees not in download from unit.


There are four options for the frequency.

  • Manual: select a date and time for a one-off job to run, or run it immediately by selecting the Now check-box. The job stays in the Job scheduler after running and can be re-run at any time.
  • Temporary: same as Manual, but the job removes itself from the Job scheduler once it runs.
  • Daily: schedule the job to run once every specified number of days. The Days between jobs field allows you to specify the number of days between runs.
  • Day of month: run the job once every month on the specified day. The Day of month field allows you to specify the day to run the job.

All four options also have Next action at date and Next action at time, for setting the date and time to run the job.

Poller and Terminal

The Job scheduler can send a job to all terminals, a group of terminals under a single poller, or a single terminal.

Poller: select one or all Pollers. This is set to All by default.

Terminal: select one Terminal, or all Terminals under the selected Poller. You must select a terminal before submitting a job.

Note: the option to select all Terminals is available for a limited number of Job types, and may not appear depending on the type selected.

Saving a Job

Select Submit to save the job and return to the Job scheduler.

The new job appears in the list.

View or Modify a Job

Select a job to view the settings.

To modify a job, change any of the settings and select Submit.

Note: The Job type cannot be changed from here. To add another Job type, schedule a new job.

To delete a job, select Delete.

The Delete scheduled job window appears. Select Delete again to confirm the deletion.

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