Licensing upload errors

Licensing upload errors

Under certain circumstances it will not be possible for you to upload a licence and an error message will be displayed. The causes of the different errors and warnings you may see are detailed below.

Upload - invalid format

Attempting to upload any other file format apart from '.lic' will result in the following error message when the  Submit  button is clicked:

You will need to select a valid '.lic' licence. Alternatively, click cancel and return to the Licensing page to request a valid licence.

Invalid licence uploaded

Under certain circumstances a licence may be invalid but can still be uploaded. A success message will appear at the top of the page saying the licence was uploaded and activated, however, a second error message states that the licence is invalid. For example:

You can review the information on the Licensing page and find out what caused the licence to be invalid. In the above example, the installation ID is the reason why the licence is invalid, so with that information now available, contact Mitrefinch to resolve the issue and to generate a new licence.

Licences exceeded

A licence for a feature will become invalid once it exceeds the amount of licences available. For example:

In the previous example, the WEB feature only had 32 licences available and 33 were used, making the WEB feature licence invalid. Contact Mitrefinch to enquire about additional licences.

All available licences used - warning

If you have used all your licences for specific features, a message will appear at the top of the Licensing page and your Supervisor dashboard. The warning states that certain features have used all the available licences. For example:

You will be unable to assign any more licences to new employees for those features. Contact Mitrefinch to enquire about additional licences.

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