Location mapping for Clockings

Location mapping for Clockings

When making Clockings in TMS 8, it is possible to record the longitude and latitude of your clocking device’s location. Supervisors can then inspect these Clockings, and see where the Clocking was made from. 

Previously, when inspecting a Clocking, a map would appear in TMS 8, displaying a map within the Clocking details screen. This functionality has changed in version Now, instead of showing a map within the Clocking details, there is a new button which will redirect you to an external webpage with the map.

You can allow GPS Clockings from mobile devices by following this guide.

How to access Clocking details

To access a particular Clocking’s details screen, open up the relevant Clock card as a Supervisor (this can be accessed from the employee’s Clock card, or the Group clock card). A list of Clockings will be shown for each of the employee’s rostered days:

Click on the Clocking that you would like to view, and the Modify clocking pop-up will open. On this pop-up, you will be able to see the Latitude and Longitude that was recorded for that clocking. There is also a new link at the bottom of the screen, labelled Location:

Clicking this link will open a popup. At the bottom, there will be a link labelled Show map. This will link to a Google maps page showing the location of the Clocking. The map will have a pin showing the exact location of the clocking.

Note: Microsoft Edge will not have a pin in the Clocking location.

Note: clicking the link will open a new web page, which may close your TMS session. To avoid this, right-click the link and click Open in new tab (this method may vary from browser to browser).

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