MF Cloud Data Upload Instructions

MF Cloud Data Upload Instructions

Mitrefinch Cloud Data Upload Instructions

  1. Click on the following web link: 

(Please Note: Internet Explorer cannot be used)

  1. When prompted enter the provided login details for your site and click on the ‘Login‘ button.  If you do not have your login details or if it states they are invalid then please contact Mitrefinch Support.

  1. Once logged in, just click the “Upload” tab:

  1. Complete the following details and select a file to upload:

  • Enter Call reference: This is the 5 digit number inside the [##12345##] pat of any emails received from us. When a new ticket is raised Zoho will send an automated reply with this number.

  • Select Reference type: Almost always “Helpdesk Call Reference” when sending data for Support to investigate.

  • Select the Data Type: MFINFO, SQL backup, etc.

  1. Once the required details are completed, select the Upload button located at the bottom.

Help files detailing how to take an MFINFO or SQL backup are also available under the Help tab. 

Should experience any problems, the best way to report them is to take a screenshot showing the exact time the problem occurred and include a brief description of what happened.

Should you require any assistance or have any questions about the instructions then please call 0330 726 0090 or email for further assistance.

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